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Our Satisfied Clients

Enchanted Jewelers has always been there for me. Robert was exceptionally attentive, thoughtful, and collaborative when it came to custom designing my wedding ring, has done numerous adjustments/redesigns of various pieces for me, and continues to be just as lovely as can be. They really cultivate a perspective that puts the customer first and prioritizes the customer's happiness. They always clean my jewelry for me for free, have worked with me when money was tricky, and have just been all-around awesome.

There aren't many establishments that are truly customer-focused even when it's not what's best for their immediate bottom line. That's what sets Enchanted apart, and why they'll have my business for the rest of my life.

Thanks for being you
-Isis Rose

The most knowledgeable, patient and caring jewelers in Albuquerque! The entire staff at Enchanted Jewelers treat each customer like family and go the extra mile in quality service.

Debbie Hancock McCormack

Love, Love, Love high quality merchandise and excellent personal design pieces, customer services far exceeds any other. The best.......

Kathleen Sisneros

Picked up our custom designed earrings to match the custom pendent Robert designed 2 years ago .. The best jewelers we have ever worked with.. They make you feel like part of the family!! Robert and staff thank you for our custom pieces and always helping us achieve that dream custom piece of jewelry.

Kristina Mullan-Saul

Best Jewelers in town hands down! Also so friendly, good prices, and always have my stuff ready super-fast!

Celina Karki Rosete

Great place! Love the service!

James Joe

Enchanted Jewelers - WOW - my favorite stop when it comes to fine jewelry or custom pieces. I travel extensively, domestic and international, yet I keep coming back to Enchanted for all my needs.

Robert and Julia know my taste and do whatever is needed to make sure I get the right piece. The custom designs made for me have been unique and of the highest quality.

-KS, Albuquerque, NM

Hi, I am Chris and I’d like to tell you why I have been a happy customer of Enchanted Jewelers since the day the doors opened and even before. Louis had done repair work for me in the mall and he continues to repair my jewelry to this day.

The jewelry that are in the photos is what I wear everyday, I really enjoy my jewelry. The craftsmanship is truly excellent and the design work is awesome and very unique.

The entire team makes me feel at home and involved in the design process of my jewelry and I always love the end result. I wear my jewelry every day because the skills of Enchanted Jewelers make my jewelry feel safe to wear without worrying.


Thank you so much for the good work and all the fun designs you have done for over the years.

Chris Monyer

From the moment you walk into Enchanted Jewelers you become part of a family. Every girl walks out feeling like the princess she's ALWAYS dreamed of being, and every guy feels like her prince charming!Thank you guys for being a part of making our dreams come true!!! Tabby and George Rivera

Our success is built on customer satisfaction, our testimonials speak for themselves!